We've Moved!

Hello, and welcome back from summer break! As you have already figured out, this summer brought many changes for us at the Campus Life LGBTQ Center. Previously located at Blegen House (37 Collegeview Ave.) we have temporarily moved to the College Center, Rm. 235 while Blegen undergoes building code and ADA accessibility upgrades. This move is great for us for a couple reasons. For one, it means Blegen House will finally be wheelchair accessible and our programs can be fully inclusive for all members of the Vassar Community. And in the meantime, our temporary location is fantastic. We are centrally located in the College Center (in the corner between meeting room 237 and the MPR), and have made our new space nice and cozy and ready to serve all the main functions that Blegen House did. Be sure to come visit the new space when you get a chance, but here's a sneak preview of everything we offer:

Extensive print resources about LGBTQ issues, including coming out, dealing with family struggles, legal issues, being a good ally, etc. We also have various subscriptions to LGBTQ-themed magazines and a collection of LGBTQ-themed movies that can be watched in our center!

While we could not bring our entire library of LGBTQ-themed books to our new location, we do have a small collection in the center, as well as computer access to our main library over at Blegen House. New this year, members of the Vassar community will be able to search for books from our Blegen library and borrow them for up to 3 weeks! Just ask one of our interns for help with this.

We have a couple new student work stations set up in our new location, so as long as we are open - feel free to pop in to check your mail, finish something up for class, or even just surf the web. Continuing our relationship with queer-related student orgs, we also offer storage and meeting space for these groups.

Lounge space! Keeping in the tradition of our center being a relaxing and safe "get-away" from campus, the new center has a comfy couch with floor pillows and seating where you can take a break to read a book, watch a movie, or just hang out with friends.

And finally, one of the most exciting additions to our resources is this blog right here! Stay tuned throughout the year for announcements about upcoming programs, profiles of our student interns, and some general commentary about queer life at Vassar. If you would like to write a post for the blog, or suggest a topic of discussion, please e-mail me at jusilverstein@vassar.edu.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!