Welcome Back

And so starts the spring semester 2010. By the looks of things, however, spring is hardly upon us. Nevertheless, we here in the LGBTQ Center are springing forward with plans for a most exciting semester. Expect to see each of our recurring event series returning this semester, with a couple of additions, such as a semester-long series of faculty led symposiums as well as a set of events later in the semester that will give students an opportunity to present their scholarship to the community. This semester will also bring the next event in the LGBTQ history series that we launched last year, to great success, with "Interrogating Mythologies." We are also very excited to announce that the LGBTQ Center will be producing a publication this semester. So if you or anyone you know would be interested in being involved, please send us an email (curious@vassar.edu). There will also be performance events throughout the semester -- not to be missed.

Spring at Vassar would not be complete without All College Day -- now in its 10th year! This year the theme is "Bridging the Gaps: knowing the past, living the present, shaping the future." I'm so excited, and I'm not the only one. Campus response has been incredible; we already have dozens of organizations signed-up to be a part. Of course every All College Day since its inception has been met with campus-wide enthusiasm -- after all, its not called All College Day for nothing -- but I think this one is going to be really big! Now I know you are eager to know more, and posters will be going up soon, but if you are like me and simply cannot wait, then point your browser to the Campus Life Office website (campuslife.vassar.edu), or call 845-437-5462 to learn more.

Now if that is not enough to get you jumping up and down, I have one more BIG item to announce. The LGBTQ Center is getting new furniture! Thats right, a new sofa plus a new big comfy chair -- all in hot pink. Just kidding. Actually they were out of hot pink, so we went with red instead. It's all coming next week. So stop on by and check it out. And in case you still don't know where we are, the center is located in the College Center, room 235, which is, as QCVC puts so well, "in Main, right above the Retreat, in a lovely little corner."

Looking forward to seeing you.


Special Guest Reading “Within the Clouds”

The Drama Department presents: A Special Guest Reading. “Within the Clouds.” Based on the novel, "Sea of Tranquillity." Written by Paul Russell, Professor of English at Vassar College. Directed by Jonathan Tilley. "Within the Clouds" is a stage adaption of the first part of Paul Russell's third novel "Sea of Tranquillity." In 1970, astronaut Allen Cloud is about to begin training for an Apollo moon mission when his personal life crumbles. He separates from his wife, Joan, and discovers that his son Jonathan is gay. Joan and Jonathan depart Houston for Tennessee, where Joan slips deeper into alcoholism and Jonathan meets Stayton Voegli, a shy preacher's son who becomes his lover. The play follows these four characters through what critics have called "a compelling chronicle of the fracturing of an American family" which is likely to "leave indelible tracks on the surface of your mind."

February 6, 2010. Martel Theater. 7pm.
No Reservations Required. Seating is first come first serve.
Contact the box office at (845) 437-5599 for more information.


Queer Music at Cubbyhole

New York musician sean desiree will be performing at the Cubbyhole (Poughkeepsie) on Friday, February 12th. Her music talks about issues affecting LGTBQ community, communities of color, and women. sean's solo project, bell's roar is a project of love, resistance, dedication and against homophobia, sexism and racism. bell's roar features melodic guitars, lusty beats, intense vocal stylings and a desire for some brass. The tone of the project is best described by the source of its name, feminist writer bell hooks.

If you would like more information, or would like to hear samples of Sean's music, visit www.myspace.com/bellsroar